Apart from the routine academic program of the schools, the corporate educational agency conducts manifold activities for the students, staff and parents. Some of them are given below:

'Sadhgamaya' Magazine

This is a venture, initiated by the Educational Agency in 2003 with the objective of promoting the literary talents of the students, teachers and parents. Students get ample chances for developing their innate literary talents by writing in this magazine thus encouraging young generation writers. This periodical also concentrates on current education problems, academic developments, doubts and clarifications of the teachers and so on. To discuss the need and mode of functioning of the magazine, the corporate manager called together teacher-representatives for a meeting on 5th December 2001. The meeting which was participated by 52 teachers unanimously decided to commence the magazine initially as a tri-monthly one. A survey was conducted among the students, parents and priests to decide on the content of the magazine. A committee was vested with the responsibility of coordinating and consolidating the survey. With regard to a title for the magazine, a competition was conducted at diocesan level. Of the entries five selected names were forwarded to the Registrar of Newspapers in New Delhi and as per the registrar's letter of 11th April 2002, the name 'Sadhgamaya' was approved. Sr.Anit Francis N.S was the one who suggested this name for the magazine and she was awarded for the same.

Students Loan Scholarship

This is a project of Corporate Educational Agency for giving education loan to its students for higher studies. This fund is from the contribution of parents of the students when they bring their children to get admission in the corporate schools. Even though this is a small amount, this fund has been helping a number of students who face financial problems in pursuing higher studies. This is a loan project, therefore they have to refund this loan, when they get a job.

Anti Drug Students Union (ADSU)

This is an association of students in the schools under the corporate educational agency started on 13th August 1994, which inculcate social values as well as personal values. This association was established mainly to conscientise students to abstain from the use of alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs spoil the health and mind of individuals. Only in a healthy body can there be a healthy mind. So the members of this association take an oath on October 2nd (Gandhi Jayanthi day) that they will never use alcohol or drugs. Almost 15000 students are actively participating in this movement. Leadership training camps and value education training programs for the members of this association are conducted regularly. This association takes leadership in conducting work and study camps, value based activities like cartoon, literary and speech competitions for the students. This movement is guided by the temperance movement of the Archdiocese and Archbishop himself is the patron of the association.

Thalassery Roopatha Educational Institutions Co-Operative Society Reg.No.C.984 (TREICS estd. 1985)

This is a co-operative society, established for the benefit of teachers, non teaching staff, students and schools under the corporate educational agency spread across Kasaragod, Kannur, Kozhikode and Malappuram districts. Ever since this Society started it is doing an excellent service to the teaching and non teaching staff under the corporate. The membership of the society is limited to the teachers and non teaching staff. It was Smt.Kamalam, the then Minister for Cooperation who granted permission for the commencement of the society. This society which was registered on 21st November 1985 is functioning under the co-operative acts and rules of the state. The official inauguration of the society was done by Sri.K.P.Noorudhin, the then minister for forests on 22nd March 1986. Until November 2002 the society functioned in a rented building in Venus Corner, Thalassery. Presently TREICS is functioning in its own three-story building constructed in a 5-cent land bought from the Bishop's House. On 13th November 2002, the new building of TREICS was blessed by His Grace Mar George Valiamattam and inauguration was done by Sri.N.V.Raghavan, the then minster for Cooperation. The teachers can get loan from this Society which would have to be refunded in due course as per the terms and conditions of the society. As per TREICS byelaw the Corporate Manager is its President. The administration of the society is managed by the President and a Board of Directors consisting of 9 members.

Catholic Teachers Guild

This is an organization commenced with the aim of forming Catholic teachers to be of service to church, society and nation. The slogan of Catholic Teachers Guild is 'A better Catholic, A better Teacher'. The Kerala Catholic Teachers Guild which was started in 1968 had its Thalassery Archdiocesan governing body members elected on 12/11/1999 after which the activities of the organization gained momentum. Under this organization all the teachers under the corporate educational agency were given awareness and training programs. The organization is led by the corporate manager who is the diocesan Chaplin with the elected executive members from among the teachers having a president and secretary. Thalassery Archdiocese hosted the 2004 state summit of the Kerala Catholic Teachers Guild.